Saturday, March 25, 2017

The UDRP Blog is back!

Well hello there! Let's see, it looks like it has been nearly nine years since my last blog post on one of my favorite topics, Internet domain disputes! Over that time I did not update this page with good reason-- after spending the first eight years of my legal career in private practice, I transitioned to two roles as in-house counsel for prominent multi-billion dollar global corporations. First, I spent over five years as Trademark Counsel at Under Armour, Inc., and then spent nearly three years as President and Counsel at Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation. While those positions were fulfilling, greatly expanded my legal knowledge, and provided invaluable experience, neither company was too excited about me maintaining a blog on issues not pertaining to them. Fair enough.

But the exciting news is that this year I made the decision to return to private practice, where I now have the opportunity to represent multiple clients and do what I love most-- advocating for you. I recently joined the law firm Alprin Law Offices, P.C., where I have the opportunity to do all the things I couldn't do as in-house counsel, including maintaining this blog! I am also fortunate to serve as General Counsel to Felt, LLC, an Internet start up success story that was featured on the show Shark Tank.

I am so excited to get back at it with this blog, which I hope will be of interest and practical use to those who have been the victims of cybersquatting and typosquatting, those who have been unjustly attacked for registering domain names they are entitled to, and legal practitioners.

I hope you enjoy version 2.0 of this blog, and I look forward to reading your comments and otherwise hearing from you. I can always be reached at First "real" blog post coming very soon!

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